Sunday, October 20, 2013

Makoto, Berlin Germany

While my in-laws were in town we needed to find some places for meat and veggie eaters (we usually eat at veggie places). After reading a good review we decided to check out Makoto for dinner one night. We started off with the miso tofu - tofu with miso sauce. This was really good, light miso flavor and was just a nice light starter.

We also tried the vegetable croquettes - mashed potatoes, peas, corn and onions fried (comes with mayo so you have to ask to leave that off. They didn't understand me the first time and they came out covered in it so they fixed it for us). These were alright. Just mashed potato cakes. Good but not amazing.

We then tried the Yasai Don - fried vegetables and tofu with ginger sauce served over rice. This was quite tasty, very nice light ginger flavor. Not too overpowering like ginger can sometimes be. Very good.

Overall - We will definitely be back to Makoto. The food was tasty and fresh.

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