Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Voner, Berlin Germany

Location: Boxhagener Stra├če 56, 10245 Berlin, Germany

With all of the doner places in Berlin it wasn't long before I wanted to check out Voner - vegan doner! This is a tiny place and they even have a giant piece of seitan roasting like the doner meats which is a bit silly to me, but I suppose makes it like the meat counterpart. This voner consisted of the seitan meat, tomato, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber and sauce on the doner bread and grilled. It was pretty tasty and I know this photo doesn't look very big, but it was huge! I think it would have been a lot of food to eat on my own so I was glad I was sharing it with Raymond.

We also tried the seitan nugget plate. This came with salad and fries and was also a ton of food. We were barely able to finish it all.  The seitan nuggets were chewy and alright but seemed like they were overcooked, the fries were crispy and good, the salad was mostly cabbage and was just alright - I didn't really like the sauce that was served on it though.

Overall - Voner was pretty tasty and I would go back and get another voner when I am in the mood.

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