Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scoops & Plates, Brooklyn, New York

Location: 624 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225, USA
From Food
Next up on our food tour of Brooklyn was Scoops & Plates in Brooklyn. We walked from over in Park Slope just to check out this Jamaican on the other side of Prospect Park. We walked in and the place is tiny - there are only a couple of stools by the window. There were a bunch of trays behind the glass with food in them, but just as we walked in the guy behind the counter covered them up. There wasn't a menu I could see to know what was underneath the lids so I asked the guy if he could tell me what he had. He was incredibly rude the entire time we were in there and if anyone else came in he ignored us and helped them. I am not entirely sure why....I tried being as nice as possible and he still had some issue with us. I almost just left and said screw this place as I was really hungry and tired. I have no idea what his problem with us was, but when I finally got him to tell us what he had he sighed really loudly and angrily took off the lids and threw them to the side. We decided to get a small container with mince and peas over rice. The peas were good, but the mince...the mince was amazing! It was like barbecue and was just amazing! I was glad we stuck out the rude service just to have some of the mince.

From Food
We also got a scoop of the strawberry banana ice cream. All of the ice creams were tofutti brand which is not my favorite, but this strawberry banana was actually pretty good. Not as good as the other ice creams we had, but alright.

Overall I would try this place again just to get more mince, and to see if the service was any better. If not then it would be hard to continue to eat here because I do not like to support rude people.

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