Sunday, February 5, 2012

Champs Bakery, Brooklyn, New York City

Location: 176 Ainslie St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA
From Food
The second day in New York was spent in Brooklyn. I had only ever been to Manhatten so it was fun to explore another part of the city. Our first stop in Brooklyn - Champs Bakery. We purchased a bunch of day old stuff - a cinnamon roll, cider muffin, chocolate chip cookie and brownie all for $5! What a good deal! Everything was also amazing even though it was day old (which is not always the case). The cinnamon roll was probably the best I have ever had - so delicious! Sweet but not overly so, nuts in the filling...yum! The chocolate chip cookies were crispy but delicious. The brownie moist and chocolatey. The muffin tasted so good on the plane flying home - very moist and flavorful. Champs was probably my favorite bakery in New York - everything was amazing! I didn't know they had other foods or we would have planned on eating here as well (though when we stopped by it was packed!). Since all of the baked goods were so amazing I look forward to trying their breakfast and other entrees next time we visit. Definitely check out Champs for amazing baked goods!!

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