Friday, February 3, 2012

Sacred Chow, New York City

Location: 227 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012, USA
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Day two of our food tour of New York started with brunch at Sacred Chow. I love breakfast, it is one of my favorite meals though I hate making it. Sacred Chow was a little expensive for breakfast (over $10 a plate), but it was quite tasty. We walked in and I loved the place - very open and bright with lots of natural light. We tried the breakfast sandwich with a side of gravy so we could try out a little bit of everything. The breakfast sandwich was a soy buttermilk biscuit filled with tofu scramble and tempeh strips with a side of fruit to share. This was huge - I am glad we only ordered the one entree. There is no way you could eat this as a sandwich - it would be way too sloppy and the tofu spilled out all over the plate so fork and knife it is. We took the top half of the biscuit and put the gravy on that for a biscuit and gravy. The gravy was pretty good - peppery and thick like a normal white gravy served on biscuits. I haven't come across a lot of vegan gravies like this - the place we usually go has amazing mushroom gravy, which isn't the same so it was nice to have something different. The tofu was good, but nothing special. The biscuits light and fluffy. They were very generous with the fruit on the side.

From Food
We also tried one of the specials - cornmeal crusted brussel sprouts. I definitely need to recreate these. Overall very good if a little pricey.

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