Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Avalon, Gent Belgium

Location: Geldmunt 32, 9000 Gent, Belgium

I was very excited to try Avalon in Gent. I love places that have plates of little bits of lots of things. I getting bites of so many different things! We tried two different plates, the first the Veggie Pie plate. On the place (clockwise from the botton left) beet salad with nuts and sprouts - all raw. This was tasty as I love beets. The veggie pie was tasty, tofu and veggie filling, though the crust was really dry and hard to eat. Then behind that at the top of the plate was this bean paste with tempeh which was really tasty. The tempeh was seasoned well and was just delicious. Then on the right there is some cauliflower with peanut sauce which was amazing! Very creamy sauce and just delicious. I combined the sauce with everything else as it was so tasty. Then some roasted zucchini which was spiced very well and super good. Then the more liquid stuff was rhubarb which was so tasty! It was very tart, with lots of cinnamon and sugar and was so delicious.

We also tried the tempeh reuben (at the tip of the plate). I know it doesn't look like a sandwich, and it wasn't like a normal sandwich. It was small sliced of break with sauce and sauerkraut and tempeh layered between them. So like small reuben bites and it was quite tasty, though a little mustardy. Then the same accompaniments came with this as with the veggie pie, a few of which were hidden in the above photo. This one has some pickled vegetables (near the middle) and underneath them was some braised spinach which was so good and buttery. Really everything was so good and I loved it.

We were so full after eating our plates of food, but they had a chocolate pudding which we ordered to go so we could try it later. This had a strong coconut and banana flavor and was not what I was expecting (it was pretty dense and not pudding like) but tasty.

Overall - I loved Avalon. Everything was very tasty and so good. I would definitely stop by again when we are in the area as it was delicious. Definitely go, but you might need to make reservations as it can get busy.

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