Saturday, June 1, 2013

Le Viet, Lancaster PA

Location: 1930 Columbia Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17603, USA

I love Vietnamese food. I love Pho. I love rice noodles. So when I saw there was a place in Lancaster, Le Viet, that had soup we had to go check it out. We started with the spring rolls - Deep fried tofu, fresh herbs, vermicelli, wrapped in rice paper served with peanut sauce. These were...well they didn't really have any flavor by themselves. The peanut sauce was alright, but nothing special.

My mom ordered the Pho Xao Rau - assorted stir fried vegetables with soft rice noodles. The veggies were just lightly cooked and the noodles were pan fried. The sauce was really light, but really tasty. My mom commented on how it was like nothing she had ever tasted and she really enjoyed it.

I ordered the To Thuong - veggies and rice noodles in a veggie broth and I added tofu to it. My sister had also gotten a soup, but not vegan, and she commented on how the broth had lots of flavors like cinnamon and such that I would expect from pho type soups, and what I was expecting in my soup. It is not what I got however, I just got a normal vegetable broth that tasted like carrot and celery. I was disappointed as it was just like what I could have made at home anytime. Good, but nothing special.

Overall - The noodle dish was really good, but everything else was just okay. The non-vegan food though got rave reviews.

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