Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cafe Deux Soleils, Vancouver BC

Location: 2096 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4B2, Canada
From Vegan Gastrobot
There is something about Canada that they don’t wake up early there or they don’t like breakfast that I can’t figure out – in Toronto we had a hard time finding anything open before 11am which to me is lunchtime (early yes, but still lunch). I did find Cafe Deux Soleils listed as being open every day from 8am-midnight so I thought great! A breakfast place in Vancouver! And all vegetarian so they should have some good vegan options right? I mean I couldn’t find a menu, which usually makes me not go to the place, but everyone raved about their breakfast foods so it has to be good right? Boy was I wrong. We arrived around 9 and found that it was closed…so much for being open 8am-midnight every day! When they finally did open we ordered the only thing we were told that could be made vegan for breakfast – the tofu scramble (teriyaki tofu and veggies) with dry toast and potatoes. I am so glad that we only ordered one to share – it was sooooo salty! Like WAY too salty. Burn my mouth salty. The Teriyaki tofu…while the veggies were pretty good the tofu just sucked up all of the soy sauce and they used way too much of it so it was just a brick of salt. Might as well just pour the salt right into my mouth. It was not good and we were barely able to eat it. The potatoes were alright, the bread actually really good dry – the best part of the meal however I just looked up some reviews again and found that the marble rye which we were told was vegan might not be…..which makes me like this place even less than I already did. Maybe if you are vegetarian and eat eggs and cheese and such it is good, but if you are vegan I would stay away from here. They don’t have many options for vegans which is such a shame as it is an all vegetarian place…I always feel like vegans are vegetarians also so maybe you should have a few options for us as well? I don’t know. I really just had a very bad experience here and would not recommend going here (even if it is the only thing open around 9am).

Overall – Definitely DO NOT go here. The only breakfast item that is vegan is the tofu scramble which was like eating a pile of salt. Also they gave us potentially non-vegan bread with our food (based on reviews from others). If so then that alone would have been enough for me to never go back – I wouldn’t trust that I am actually getting vegan food.

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