Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sticky Fingers Bakery, Washington DC

Location: 1370 Park Rd NW, Washington, DC 20010, USA
From Vegan Gastrobot
I was very excited to try out the baked goods at Sticky Fingers Bakery. I mean they won cupcake wars so the cupcakes have to be good right? Unfotunately not. We ordered a bunch of treats to try a little bit of everything. We got a slice of the chocolate mousse cake, Cookies & Cake Cupcake, and a Peanut Butter Fudge Cupcake. The cake...well the mousse was really good, creamy and delicious. The cake itself was very dry and just blah. The cupcakes...the cakes were very dry and just not good. The frosting's were not very good either. The peanut butter one had a bad aftertaste, the cookie one was better, but still not good. If this is the caliber of cakes they make how in the world did they win Cupcake Wars? They were not even close to the best baked goods we have had. I could make better. Definitely not worth the price tag.

From Vegan Gastrobot
We also ordered a Sweet & Salty Cookie and Jenny's Brownie. The brownie was also dry and way too cake like, not gooey and fudgy and chewy like it should be. The cookie however was really good. The best baked good we got there. I would try another one. I liked the salty chocolate chip cookie - I will have to try it at home.

From Vegan Gastrobot
The last thing we ordered was the mac & cheese. I always try mac & cheese if it is an option just because there are so many different ways to make it. This was probably the best vegan mac & cheese I have ever had. I loved it! It was similar to the ones at Hillside Quickie and Bang Bang Cafe in Seattle, but not nearly as greasy and just was better. No commercial fake cheese used, I wish I knew how they made it!

Overall - Skip the cakes. They are dry and just not good. The cookies were tasty. Definitely try the mac and cheese as it was delicious!

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